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[lit] the free media alliance has a webring. to join the webring: 1. offer something on your website that is licensed with one of our [[recommended-licenses]] 2. add this code to the front page: [lit]<center>&lt;- <a href="">back</a> the <a href=""><b>free media alliance</b></a> webring <a href="">fwd</a> -&gt;</center>[lit] 3. let us know about it so we can add it to the ring: [url][url] questions: is the webring free software? absolutely, the webring is implemented in cc0-licensed free javascript. you may have to fiddle with your browser or use the command line to get a copy, and its built into one of our wiki codes (because the wiki was already there) but it is possible to run the code without the wiki. can i change the code for the front page? absolutely, we ask that you at least include a link to go forward in the webring: [lit]<center><b>free media alliance</b></a> webring <a href="">fwd</a> -&gt;</center>[lit] but feel free to alter and style it to fit your site and preferences. can i use this on sites that arent hosted on neocities? it should work, but no ones tried it yet. send us your page with the link code included, and we can try it out. do i have to be a free media alliance member to join the webring? you dont have to be a member, though all that requires is to say you are a member on some publically available website (it doesnt even have to be a website, it could be a sticker on your desk at work) and a url linking to the charter (or a copy of the text of the charter) as outlined here: [[charter02]] we do ask that your site offer at least one work with a recommended license-- whether its a graphic, poem or bit of code. if your code is on a code repo, you can link to it. subject to discretion, unique submissions are preferred (vs. everyone hosting the same icon, etc.) this is just a bit of retro fun, hopefully people will want to join it, there are already a few sites on neocities that have content which fits the requirements. this is to promote free software and free culture. home: [lit][lit]