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[lit] the job of the free media alliance is to advocate for and listen to its members. we dont take your money, we help share free software and cultural works (and we advocate for more works like it.) we dont, as an organisation, try to argue against our own advocacy per se. but our members might. our goal is to give something back to members, not to get everyone to agree. we present arguments that we think will help. we listen, we consider, we debate with the public. people who disagree with us are still free to join, or to donate works to our collections. people who disagree are welcome to stay, or (if they feel it necessary to protest) leaving is as simple as saying youve left. each endorsement is valuable to our work, and we hope to retain it. to some degree, we are like a megaphone-- what you tell us, we try to make louder. when we are selective, there is a charter that hopefully explains why. but our entire design, our goals exist around the idea of making it easier for you to do what we do-- to collaborate by participating. we comment on the stances of other organisations, and if we grow large enough, other organisations will likely comment on ours. hopefully some organisations will join us and help promote our cause. rather than tell people you agree with us on everything, the [lit]charter[lit] says: "please note that requirements for membership are very modest and few, and that the person posting this charter may not endorse any of the things said in this charter other than the general idea of promoting free software, free culture and free hardware." we speak for the idea of you speaking for yourself; but our advocacy goes beyond that. we also provide writing and grow our membership to promote free software, free culture and free hardware. take what you want, use it for any purpose, study it, share it, change it to meet your needs. its your culture. and like the librarians of the world, this organisation exists to make it easier to find works and to advocate the human right to create culture in the first place. you can help us if you build your own library of free cultural works. we can build a larger library from many other libraries. you can build your library from ours. if we build a distributed network of libraries that allow free sharing and remixing, we can all assist in adding to that library and giving the world a voice that has never existed before: a voice more autonomous than debian, and broader than stallman, more fair than open source, more libre than the internet archive, and (we think he would agree, if we should ever manage what he originally set out to do) more successful than lessig. how can we make a claim so outrageous? the reason is simple-- lessig is sincere. what he truly wants, is truly what we are trying to build: a future where software and culture are much more free than they are today. this will never happen unless it gains the interest of many, many people. this will never happen unless it actually stands for something, and sincerely tries to accomplish what it claims. this is our public domain recipe, our free media application which you can adapt as you think best-- should you find we got part of it wrong. ultimately, this is not about the free media alliance, nor is it about creative commons, nor is it about (only) free software. its about your freedom, and everyones freedom. so thats a little bit larger than one organisation, no matter how many members it has. if we build a world where culture is free and software is free, then our organisation will likely be obsolete. if you build an organisation better than ours, our organisation will perhaps be obsolete. if you can remix us, and make an application that produces a free culture faster than we do, then you should try. if that succeeds, perhaps we will ally with you. if it fails, come back and work with us. in the meantime, we will keep standing for your rights and trying to build a world where you are more free-- as an artist, author, designer, librarian, fan, critic-- as a person. home: [lit][lit]