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[lit] inspired by linux-libre, distro-libre is an effort to remix distros automatically for the dual purpose of removing non-free components and giving the user more freedom and control over the distros they use. unlike manual remastering, the distro-libre concept is based on transforming distros without user intervention, using automation to do things most users could not do or would not go to the trouble of doing. distro-libre has already been used to remix refracta, puppy linux, void linux and others. for refracta, it has removed non-free firmware from the iso and added a "root desktop" feature. for puppy linux, it has removed some server pings to arbitary websites that make puppy a worse choice for privacy. fig os carries on the distro-libre effort by remixing void linux, while mcorepup and mxencore are efforts to mix tiny core linux with puppy linux features. corepup and mcorepup can be found at these forum threads: [url][url] [url][url] mxencore is here: [url][url] fig os can be found on sourceforge: [url][url] and has a subforum on our citizens for free software forum here: [url][url] distros remixed with distro-libre can be distributed as the resulting iso, or as the script that creates it. home: [lit][lit]